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What are the charges for disposal at ERL?

Mixed Solid Waste$97.50/ton • $15/cubic yard
Inert Debris$16/cubic yard
Greenwaste$15/cubic yard
King Mattress$45 each
Full/Queen Mattress$37.50 each
Twin Mattress$22.50 each
Appliances (range, dryer, diswasher, etc.)$14 each
Freon Removal Fee$48.50/item
Service Fee (e.g. boat and stump removal from flat bed trailers)$135
Jumpstart Fee$60
  • Minimum charge = $10/cubic yard. Please note: Credit Card purchase only; no cash or checks accepted.
  • All vehicles are subject to being weighed.
  • To determine cubic yards, measure length by width by height (LxWxH) of load in feet and divide by 27.
  • Items requiring Freon removal must include tipping fee (example: Refrigerator charge is $14 + $48.50 = $62.50 Total)
  • May-October: Free Residential mattress recycling for CA residents, call 530-583-7800 for details, limitations apply.
  • Treated Wood is now accepted at ERL, subject to conditions as outlined in the DTSC Customer Statement.

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