Storage Containers

  • Job Site & Long-Term Storage
  • Steel Reinforced for Sierras
  • Secure and Safe
  • Immediate Delivery
  • Wood Floor Interiors
  • Lockable Double Doors

Protect your belongings with containers that are custom-built with additional steel support to help withstand the rigors of our High Sierra environment (unlike old air-sea cargo boxes or plastic pod units).

Prior to placing an order we recommend customers to check with local code enforcement agencies to be certain placement is allowed at their site. As containers are rolled off by cable winch there may be some limitation to our ability to deliver at your particular site. If there is any question, we’re happy to send a company representative to review your site prior to order placement. Once confirmed, we also recommend placement of underlayment boards to protect surface areas from any potential damages, especially in the case of extended use.

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