Debris Box Rental Agreement Form


Please read the terms and fill out the form below.

Debris box containers provided by Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal (TTSD/the Company) are to be used for their intended purpose only and container placement is not to be relocated without permission from TTSD. Proper care of company-provided debris box containers is the responsibility of the customer. Customer is responsible for all damages to debris box containers exceeding normal wear and tear.

Debris box containers must not be overloaded in excess of the “water level” full capacity of its dimensions. No additional equipment should be used to compact items placed within the container. No items can protrude beyond the dimensions of the container. Heavy items should be evenly distributed in the bottom of the box. Additional charges will apply if debris exceeds capacity in volume and/or weight. All containers must be legally transportable according to US DOT regulations. If a container is deemed to be grossly overweight and cannot be safely moved, excess material must be removed by the customer. If a container is determined to be overweight when scaled, additional overweight fees will apply.

Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal is not responsible for damage to customer property or surfaces incurred in the normal course of operations, including delivering, servicing and retrieving debris box containers. TTSD will not be held liable for any damage to asphalt, concrete, brick, wood or earthen driveways, pads, roadways or other surfaces where a debris box is placed or removed. Customer hereby agrees to terms and conditions of use and waives all claims for property damage or other loss, injury, death, or claim against, arising out of the delivery, removal, or use of said container. The customer similarly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company against all loss or liability from risks or claims arising from container location or placement.


Debris Box must be safe to haul. Customers are responsible for costs related to damaged and/or overloaded debris boxes.

NO DIRT OR ROCKS ALLOWED in 6/20/30 yard debris boxes. Other heavy items of special concern: sheetrock, composition, sod, bricks, asphalt. DUMPSTERS MUST NOT BE OVERLOADED. DEBRIS IN ALL BOXES MUST NOT EXCEED THE DIMENSIONS OF THE BIN, INCLUDING THE TOP RIM OF THE BOX (water-level full only). No items are allowed to protrude from the sides of the box. Heavy materials must be evenly distributed in the bottom of the box.

Placement locations must be level, with no immediate overhead wires, and clear from public easements. Trucks require minimum clearance of 18′ height and 12′ width. TTSD reserves the right to refuse delivery if, in its judgment, the placement location is unsuitable. Customers who wish to protect surfaces must do so in advance by their own accord. TTSD is not responsible for damage to surface on which the debris box is placed or over which the truck must travel.

TTSD CANNOT GUARANTEE SERVICE TIMES. Debris boxes deliveries and removals are scheduled for weekdays, for term limits of 6 days plus delivery and removal days. Our drivers may arrive as early as 6am to remove the debris box or as late as 6pm for delivery. Longer periods must be arranged in advance by the customer and are subject to additional fees. All orders are on a first-come, first-serve basis. All deliveries must be prepaid. TTSD suggests orders be called in at least one business day in advance to assure better likelihood of delivery. Order earlier for weekends and holidays. Attempts for same-day orders must be made as early as possible. The TTSD office is located at 645 West Lake Blvd, Suite 5, Tahoe City. Hours: 8am to 4:30pm M-F.


PROHIBITED WASTES: include hazardous and/or toxic materials, bio-hazardous and medical wastes and all others as defined by the Dept of Toxic Substances Control. Examples include treated wood, gasoline tanks, autos, explosives and ammunition, items containing mercury, lead or radioactive elements, paint, anti-freeze, batteries, insecticides and herbicides, poisons and toxins, chemical cleaners, fuels and solvents, syringes and pharmaceuticals, asbestos, e-waste, and compressed gas cylinders.

APPLIANCES: Appliances should be placed in a safe location inside of the bin, as to not fall out/tip off or back weight the bin. Refrigerators, freezers, and/or air conditioners will be assessed an additional Freon removal charge per item; based on current ERL rates for Freon removal.

QUESTIONABLE ITEMS: Limit of four tires (regular auto) per dumpster. Other questionable items (tanks, compromised soils, engines, etc) must be pre-approved by Placer County Health Department. Bins containing any of the above items will be returned full subject to extra charges, unless item has been approved and/or compensation has been made.

PROPER HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL: Automobile oil and batteries are accepted at the landfill only. Other hazardouswastes may be disposed at the Hazardous waste facility at the landfill. Please call 530-583-7800 to schedule an appointment.


OVERWEIGHT CHARGES: Overweight charges will apply for weights and portion thereof which exceed the stated net weight limit. Customers who load dumpsters with mixed solid wastes are required to pay overweight fees for portions of weight which exceed the specified limit. Net weight limit of 8,000 lbs. for 20 Yard debris box. Net weight limit of 10,000 lbs for 30 Yard debris box. Net weight limit of 2,000 lbs. for 6 Yard debris box. If the dumpster is grossly overweight, haul-away may be refused until partially unloaded and deemed safe to haul. The customer is responsible for rental day charges for the duration a dumpster is not haulable. Customers who load debris boxes with inert wastes only are not subject to additional weight charges, but may be required to unload material if the dumpster is deemed not haulable.

LEGALLY HAULABLE: All debris boxes must be legally haul-able according to the U.S. Department of Transportation rules and regulations. In the interest of public safety, the USDOT imposes restrictions on weight and containment of transported loads. Debris Boxes exceeding the legal weight limits as allowed by the DOT may not be removed until legally haulable.


COMPACTING OF WASTE NOT ALLOWED: Use of mechanical devices to compress or compact waste is not allowed. Rates of debris boxes are based on loose, uncompacted solid waste. Customers who engage in the practice of compacting waste by mechanical means will be subject to incurring extra charges, including the higher cost for compacted solid waste, plus compensation for any potential damage to the container.

6 YARD DEBRIS BOX: Avoid overloading heavy items that may render dumpster too heavy to remove (e.g. sheetrock,composition roofing, etc).

20/30 YARD DEBRIS BOX: See above description of weight limits.

ROCK BOXES: Debris Boxes must contain inert wastes only (No mixed solid wastes). When loaded water-level full, rock box weight will be approximately 9 tons, the approximate legal limit for our Rock Boxes. Contaminated soil is prohibited unless approved in advance by Placer County Health Department, with proper documentation.


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After submitting the form please call TTSD at 530-583-7800 to schedule delivery and make payment.
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