TTSD Products

The MRF offers customers a number of recycled commodities as they are made available. Because all material is essentially recycled for reuse, we encourage customers to view samples prior to ordering, there are no refunds offered. All items can be self-hauled from their location at the MRF.


Our topsoil offers an excellent top layer for your yard and garden. The soil is a blend of fines extracted from the processing of local green waste material and compost produced in Northern California.

Wood Chips

Grade A wood chips (double run) provide erosion control with decorative appeal and are available in a choice of four colors: natural, redwood, black, and brown.Grade B wood chips (single run) offer a more economical choice for larger erosion control projects.

Pine Needles

Our “clean” pine needles have been separated from other green waste material and offer excellent ground cover for natural erosion control.

Large Rock

We offer large rocks (boulders) for sale for natural-looking decorative landscaping.

Fill Dirt

Our fill dirt, comprised mostly rocks, with clay and rock, is ideal for elevation or grade change projects.

Full Circle Compost (Humus)

Premium compost made from Full Circle in Nevada. U.S. Compost Council Seal of Testing Assurance approved. Screened 3/8-inch minus.

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