Green Bag Program

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Truckee Green Bag Program

The Town of Truckee offers its citizens a community Green Bag program as a means of promoting fire safety through the convenient, curbside removal of flammable vegetative waste. The program is only for residents within the Town of Truckee boundary. To participate, residents must purchase approved green bags from Mountain Hardware or Tahoe Supply Company. The program accepts up to four, filled green bags per week at no additional charge. Similar to the blue bag program, the special bags are collected on your regular service day and hauled in the same front loader vehicle for later separation from the garbage.

[icon image=”fa-arrow-circle-right”] Bags must be tied to ensure that the green waste bags arrive intact at the processing facility. Untied bags will be left at the curb.

[icon image=”fa-arrow-circle-right”] Bags must not weigh more than forty pounds each or they too will be left curbside.

[icon image=”fa-arrow-circle-right”] Green bag items are limited to pine needles, pine cones, garden waste, lawn trimmings, brush, small twigs and branches, bark and wood chips. For larger woody material, such as dead trees, branches, and limbs under 12 inches in diameter, the Truckee Fire Protection District may provide free chipping at your property.

[icon image=”fa-arrow-circle-right”] No more than four bags per week may be placed curbside. The additional bags will be left behind and, besides being unsightly, their exposure may increase the likelihood of deterioration and breakage. Go to for more information on their program.


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